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School of Engineering


The School of Engineering Technology is one of the three schools which formed the nucleus of the institution in 1979.  It started then with four (4) departments  Civil engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mining Engineering. The Department of Agricultural Engineering was added to the school in 1981. As a result of the rationalization of Polytechnic programmes by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in 1986, Mining Engineering was temporarily stopped.

All four (4) departments in the school run the National Diploma and the Higher National Diploma programmes.

The school is made up of the following departments:

  1. Department of Agric and Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology
  2. Department of Civil Engineering Technology
  3. Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering Technology
  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

The names of the Directors/Deans of the School from inception are:

  1. Engr. M.E. Essien 1979 – 1983
  2. Engr. (Dr.) W.C. Udeh 1983 – 1987
  3. Mr M.M. Kundera 1987 – 1991
  4. Engr. Akani O. Akani 1991 – 1994
  5. Engr. J.O. Owosagba 1994 – 1996
  6. Engr. Akani O. Akani (Ag) 1996 – 1997
  7. Engr. Samuel Sule 1997 – 2000
  8. Engr. E.E. Ndububa 2001 – 2003
  9. Engr. J.D. Konni 2003 – 2010
  10. Engr. C.A. Ezeaku, (Ag.) 2010 – 2011
  11. Engr. Yohanna D. Ali 2011 – 2014
  12. Engr. Ahmad Yusuf 2014 – 2018
  13. Engr. Abdulmalik M. Maleka 2018 – 2020
  14. Engr. Dr. Danladi M. Ningi  2020 – Date

Since its inception, there has been a lot of development.  This includes structural development, acquisition of modern teaching aids, engagement of qualified teaching, technical staff and accreditation of programmes.

The Department was established in 1981.  The department initially acquired a demonstration farm at Wailo, a distance of 60km North of Bauchi metropolis.  In 1983, when the department moved to the permanent site of the institution at Gwallameji, consequently, a new farm was developed at the permanent site.

The following are the names of the Heads of Department from inception to date:

  1. Dr. N.C. Udeh 1981-1984
  2. Dr. E.T. Udongo 1984-1985
  3. Dr. N.C. Udeh 1985-1991
  4. Engr. Akani O. Akani 1991-1996
  5. Engr. Samuel Sule 1996-2000
  6. Engr. C.A. Ezeaku 2001- 2010
  7. Engr. Yohanna D. Ali 2011 – 2018
  8. Engr. Laudan Kefas 2018 – 2020
  9. Engr. Dr. C. Ohanwe 2020 – Date

The department runs four programmes that are accredited by the National Board for Technical Education.  The three programmes are:-

  1. Diploma – Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology
  2. National Diploma – Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology
  3. Higher National Diploma – Farm Power/Machinery Option and
  4. Higher National Diploma – Soil and Water Option.
  5. Higher National Diploma – Post-Harvest Technology

The department of Civil Engineering came into being in 1979 when the Polytechnic was established.  The first set of students were admitted for the straight four-year NND programme in the 1979/80 academic session.  However with the replacement of the initial programme by the two-tier system, the first set of National Diploma intakes graduated in 1982 while the founding HND intakes graduated in 1983.

The department runs the National Diploma programme in Civil Engineering Technology and Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology

The department has Twenty (20) academic Thirteen (13) supporting staff totally Thirty-Three (33) staff in all.  The followings have served as Heads of Department since inception.

  1. Mr G.E. Okenwa 1979-1984
  2. Engr. C.A. Chidolue 1984-1989
  3. Engr. G.I. Mathias 1989-1992
  4. Mal. Gambo Lawal 1992-1996
  5. Engr. E.E. Ndububa 1996- 2007
  6. Engr. Titus Ketkukah             2007 – 2011
  7. Mr N.D. Usman 2011 – 2012
  8. Engr. Titus Ketkuka 2012 – 2014
  9. Engr. Yusuf A. Waziri 2014 – 2017
  10. Engr. A. M. Maleka 2017 – Date

The Department possess one of the best Wood Workshop in the North-East geopolitical region.  Unlike in 1987 when accreditation for the Higher National Diploma programme was withdrawn, the department now has adequate facilities and run HND programmes. In the recent past too, the Polytechnic acquired new equipment for the structural and fluid mechanics laboratory.  Considerable development in facilities has made it possible for it to offer commercial services to the community.

Much effort has been made in Staff Research towards Alternative and Low-cost Housing and Road Materials.

With an initial intake of 27 in 1979, the department currently has a student population of 382.

The Department started in October 1979.  Between 1979 and 1986, the department had to operate from the temporary accommodation in parts of Bauchi metropolis and main campus.  In 1987, the department moved to its modern department building located at the permanent site of the institution.  This building houses six laboratories and five workshops including a circuit printing workshop/laboratory.

The Department which started with a staff strength of seven in 1979 is now blessed with twenty-seven (27) both senior and junior.  The department has been headed by the following members of staff:

  1. Mr. S.C.O. Abah 1979-1980
  2. Engr. E. Iroegbu 1980-1981
  3. Dr. P.G. Alizqade 1981-1982
  4. Dr. V. Varpetian 1982-1984
  5. Late Engr. M.G. Chiroma 1984-1986
  6. Mr. M.M. Kundera 1996-1992
  7. Engr. L.A. Osuagwu 1992-1999
  8. Dr. A. Mahdi 1999-2003
  9. Engr. J.D. Konni 2003- 2010
  10. Mal. Ahmad Yusuf 2010 – 2018
  11. Engr. Dr. Aliyu Mohammed 2018 – 2019
  12. Engr. Ahmad Y. Jumba 2019 – Date


The department presently runs the following programmes:-

  1. HND programme with options in (a) Power/Machine/Machines and

(b) Electronic/Telecommunication.

  1. National Diploma (ND) in Electrical Engineering Technology
  2. Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology (Evening)
  3. Advanced Certificate in Electrical Installation and Maintenance

The Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology started in 1979 with thirteen (13) students registered for the Nigerian National Diploma (NND) programme.

The academic activities began in a rented building located opposite the present Bauchi State Polytechnic School of Basic Sciences.  In 1982, the department moved to the permanent campus in Gwallameji.

In 1993, the department moved to its modern building within the permanent site with laboratory/workshop complex consisting of the following:  Applied Mechanical Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Thermodynamics Laboratory, Numeral Control Laboratory, and a large design/drawing studio.  Other facilities include an Automobile and Heavy Machinery Technology/Workshop, a welding/Fabrication workshop with a modern machine tools workshop.  The department has been headed by the following members of staff.

  1. Mr. M.E. Nwaekpe 1979-1982
  2. Mr. P.T. Perrado 1982-1983
  3. Mr. Nath Odekunle 1983-1985
  4. Engr. (Dr.) Olusegun 1985-1987
  5. Mr. S.A. Mohammed 1987-1988
  6. Engr. William Kudze 1988-1989
  7. Mr. Shedrach Egbuchunam 1989-1990
  8. Mr. Nath Odekunle 1990-1991
  9. Mr. C.I. Okonkwo 1991
  10. Mr. C.A. Goro 1991-1992
  11. Mr. J. Owosagba 1992-1996
  12. Mr. Nath Odekunle 1996
  13. Engr. C.E. Eteng 1996 – 2006
  14. Engr. Danladi M.D. Ningi      2006 – 2011
  15. Dr. Robbinson Ejilah 2011 -2013
  16. Engr. Emmanuel Anbua 2014 – 2018
  17. Engr. Ibrahim Ege 2018 – 2020
  18. Engr. Alhassan H. Muhd 2020 – Date

The Department runs fully accredited National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes in Mechanical Engineering Technology with about 280 students.  The following programmes are run by the department.

  1. ND Mechanical Engineering
  2. ND Mechatronics Engineering
  3. HND Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option)
  4. HND Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
  5. Diploma in Mechanical Engiuneering

The Department is currently a Centre for NABTEB Examinations

Mal. Ladan Maijama'a

Dean School of Engineering