The Academic Board is composed of:

S/N                                       NAME POSITION
1 Rector Chairman
2 Deputy Rector Member
3 Polytechnic Librarian Member
4 All Heads of Departments Members
5 Not more than two members of the Academic staff, elected by the Academic Staff. Staff.
6 All Chief Lectures Lectures
7 All Academic Directors Directors
8 Registrar Secretary

Specific Functions of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for:

  1. The direction and management of academic matters of the Polytechnic including the regulation of admission of students, the award of certificates and diplomas, scholarship, prizes and other academic decisions.
  2. Making available to the Council of such periodic reports on such academic matters as the Academic Board may think fit or as the Council may, from time to time direct.
  3. The discharge of any other functions which the council may delegate to it.

Statutory Committees

The Polytechnic has the following statutory and Standing Committees:

1. Finance and General Purpose Committees.  It has the following powers:

i) Approval of the Polytechnic annual estimates.

ii) Approval of the Polytechnic working budget

iii) Consideration and award of contracts of works or supplies.

iv) Any matters relating to the finances of the Polytechnic

2. Appointments and Promotions Committee (Senior Staff):  The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Governing Council on the Appointment, Promotion, Confirmation, Transfer of Service, Discipline and Development of all categories of senior staff.

3.    Appointments and Promotions Committee (Junior Staff):This Committee makes recommendations to the Rector on appointment, confirmation, promotion, transfer of service and discipline of the junior staff.

4.   Committee on Students Affairs:  This Committee has the principal objective of considering any matter which related to the general welfare of the students of the Institution.