Director, Works Department

The Works Department came into being in 1979 under Engr. M.A. Okpara, principally as a servicing unit to all the departments of the institution.

The principal objectives of the department can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Formulation of Strategies for the physical development of the institution.
  2. Design and execution of all physical development projects
  3. Provision of infrastructural facilities for the smooth running of the institution such as portable water, electricity, roads, drainage, refuse and sewage disposal, communication facilities etc.
  4. Maintenance of facilities to ensure their optimum utilization.

Initially, these functions were carried out under one office.  With the rapid development of the Polytechnic over the years, the department was split into two units – Project Office and the Maintenance Office.

The Department and the Project Office are headed by the Director of Works while the Maintenance section is headed by a Chief Technical Officer (Civil Engineering).  The former is staffed by Architects, Civil and Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyor and other support staff.  The latter is manned by technicians and artisans in numerous construction fields and trades such as carpentry, masonry, welding and fabrication, plumbing, electrical etc.  With staff strength of about one hundred staff, the department is poised to address the rising challenges of running our ever-expanding institution within the limited resources.

Over the years the department had made immense contributions in physical development and routine maintenance of institution.  Major achievements recorded include:

  1. Updating the Master Plan of the institution.
  2. Redevelopment of the core-academic area buildings from inception to completion to upgrade substandard buildings.
  3. Supervision of construction of Academic Staff Office Block, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments.
  4. Design and supervision of construction of Central Library Complex
  5. Design and supervision of various projects under the Education Tax Fund Scheme from 1999 to date.
  6. Supervision of the construction of School of Business Studies Complex.
  7. Numerous furnishing works
  8. Numerous rehabilitation/renovation works
  9. Procurement and installation of equipments and machineries.

With the provision of furnished and equipped offices and workshops which are not inadequate, continuous training and retraining of our manpower, improved funding and cooperation of the other units of the institution the department is ever ready to offer high quality service delivery.

The names of past heads of department are as follows:-

  1. Engr. M.A. Okpara – 1979 – 1982
  2. Engr. Shehu Ahmed – 1982 – 1992
  3. Arch. Adamu Mohammed – 1992 –  2010
  4. Engr. Muhammad Rabiu Muhammad – 2010 – 2020
  5. Engr. Wada Garba – 2020 – Date

The principal objective of the Department can be enumerated as follows:-

  1. Formulation of strategies for the general maintenance of facilities of the institution.
  2. Repair of Air-Conditions and other equipment
  3. Upkeep of roads
  4. Water line Maintenance
  5. General Electricity Maintenance
  6. Repair of roofs and other building-related problems
  7. Maintenance of Vehicles
  8. General Welding Work

The Works Department can be said to be the conduit through which both academic and non-academic successes have been achieved in the institution.