In line with its commitment to the needs and aspirations of the community within which it is situated, two campuses of the Polytechnic staff school were established.  The first one opened since October 1979 is located right in the heart of Bauchi metropolis and provides high-quality primary education mostly to children of members of the public who live and work in Bauchi town.  The second campus of the school is located within the Polytechnic permanent site and caters primarily for children of staff and those outsiders who can provide transport for their wards to and from school or live near enough to the permanent site.  On the whole over 70% of the total enrolment in the school has grown to achieve a high standard in academic excellence and discipline that has placed it among the leading primary schools in Bauchi State and Nigeria as a whole.

Staff Secondary School

The Institution has in 2010 established the Polytechnic Staff Secondary School in the Main Campus.  The Secondary School has two Section,  the Junior and Senior Section which has all the required needed facilities of teaching Science and Social Science Subjects.

Employment Opportunities

The establishment of the Polytechnic has helped in no small measure in providing employment opportunities particularly at the junior levels for indigenes of Bauchi and Gombe States particularly and Nigerias in general.  It is equally interesting to note that the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is one of the most cosmopolitan in term of staffing.  This is because the population of our senior staff is drawn from the length and breath of the country in almost equal proportions.

From 1979 to date, the percentage of junior staff of the Polytechnic who are of Bauchi origin has grown from a mere 2% to well over 80%.  This is in keeping with the Federal Government directives which requires its parastatals and agencies to ensure that the bulk of their junior staff (level 01-06) came from the localities where such institutions are established.

Pioneer Staff Members (Senior) 1979

                                  Academic            Administrative
S/N                                       Name S/N                   Name
1 Mr. Duro Orisanaiye 1 Engr. M.O. Anyiam
2 Mr. A. Onyechere 2 Mr. P.P. Ozimi – Late
3 Mr. A. Ozurumba 3 Mr. M.O.A. Eromosele
4 Mr. B. Nwannunu 4 Mr. P. Anye
5 Mal. Amodu Y. 5 Mr. E. Onwukeme
6 Mr. S.C. Mba 6 Mr. A.O. Nikoro
7 Mr. P.S. Ekpe 7 Mr. E.M.O. Alaiyemola – Late
8 Mr. M. Okpara 8 Mr. P.S. Nwadike
9 Mr. M.S. Anyanwu 9 Mr. M. Nwaekpe
10 Mal. M.S. Umar 10 Mr. A.W. Omotowa
11 Mrs. D.P. Anye 11 Mr. J.F. Tehinse
12 Mrs. M.I. Adetunji 12 Mr. A.O. Andirya
13 Mr. C.R. Okpo 13 Mr. S.C.O. Abah
14 Mr. C.N. Chukwujekwu 14 Mr. L.S. Nwokore
15 Mr. C.O. Nebo 15 Mr. A. Chandry
16 Mr. N.O. Meribe 16 Mr. D.G. Sangal
17 Mr. E. Nnabugwu 17 Mr. C.N. Molokwu
18 Mr. I. Geffrier 18 Mr. I.N. Udueze
19 Mrs C.A. Udje 19 Mr. C.I. Okoye
20 Mr C.S. Ozioko 20 Mr. C.A. Ogualaji
21 Mr. C.D. Ajibo 21 Mr. J.F. Lemen
22 Mr. A. Nwachukwu
23 Mr. V.V. Ihakur
24 Mr. E.I. Egbokhan
25 Mr. N.S. Odonmbon
26 Mrs. T.A. Bagari
26 Mr. E.A. Ezeh
28 Mr. M.O. Mba
29 Mr. H.E. Nwakanma
30 Mr. F.C. Ekweozor
31 Mr. J.S. Dada