The Polytechnic Consultancy Services Unit which was until recently granted autonomy as a Limited Liability Company in one of the recent changes reflected in the Polytechnic to strengthen its economic base.

Before now, the Polytechnic through its departments such as Land Surveying, Estate Management, Accountancy, General Studies, Business Administration, Medical Centre to mention but a few have carried out Consultancy Services until a more formal organisation – the Polytechnic Consultancy Services Unit came into being in July, 1996.  This unit is aimed at tapping the abundant human and material resources available in the institution.

With the incentive genius of its pioneer head, Dr. Mongaring Y. Musa as Director, this unit has turned out to be the goose that lays the golden egg for the Polytechnic.

The Polycon was headed by the following:

  1. Dr. Mongaring Y. Musa Director
  2. Mrs. R. C. Mamma Chairman
  3. Alh. Bala Y. Umar General Manager
  4. Alh. Auwal Bala Aminu General Manager
  5. Alh. Labaran Ibrahim Managing Director


The Company independently operates to generate the Internally Generated Revenue of the Polytechnic and its operates the following services;

  1. Polycon Guest Inn, (Hospitality), this hotel is located at No.5 Sa’adu Zungur Road GRA, Bauchi had over 30 different types of rooms and Luxery studios for accommodation purposes.
  2. Academic activities – The Steam ‘B” Programmes runs by the Polytechnic was fully supervised by the Polycon.
  3. Polycon Water – table and Satchest water
  4. Blocks Industry
  5. Hiring of Seminar/Workshop hall – The M. L. Audu Auditorium located in the Polytechnic has the capacity to accommodate 1000 participants
  6. Agricultural Activities – these include Fish farming, Livestock farming, Bulls and Cows etc.
  7. Consortium
  8. Feasibility Studies
  9. Proposed Micro-finance Banking
  10. Polycon Oil – Proposed filling Station
  11. Restaurant  Services
  12. E-Business Centre

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