Director PPU

The Physical Planning Unit was formed in October 2010 from the defunct Works and Services Department which was headed by Architect Adamu Mohammed (MNIA).

The principal objectives of the unit can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Formulation of strategies for the physical development of the institution.
  2. Design and execution of all physical development projects.

The Unit is staffed by the Director of Physical Planning Unit as the head, Architects, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and other support staff.  With the staff strength of ten staff the Unit is poised to address the rising challenges of physical development of our ever expanding institution within the limited resources.

Since its creation, the Unit has recorded numerous achievements which include:

  1. Supervision of the construction of Central Administrative Block
  2. Completion of School of Environmental Technology Office Block
  3. Renovation of Houses No. C11 and B5
  4. Construction of I.D. Card Office
  5. Construction Classroom Block at Food Science and Technology

In spite of these achievements, the Unit is facing other problems such as lack of training and retraining of its manpower in various professional fields, lack of project vehicle for effective supervision and inadequate manpower to cope with the ever-increasing challenges.