The Governing Council has statutory power by law and bears the ultimate responsibility for the progress and development of the institution.  The Council makes major policy decisions and evolves all the necessary criteria with specific emphasis on the planning and the development of physical facilities and assets.

The first Governing Council for the Polytechnic was constituted in February, 1981 with Alhaji Y.A.B Olatunji as the Chairman.


  1. Alh. Chief Y. A. Bo. Olatunji                         1981 – 1982
  2. Alh. Sani Zagon Daura                                 1983 – 1983
  3. Prof. Buba M. Bajoga                                   1984 – 1985
  4. Prof. J. O. C. Ezeilo CON                               1986 – 1989
  5. Alh. Rasheed A. Folami  MFR                      1989 – 1993
  6. Hon. Chief mathias O. Omeh                     2000 – 2003
  7. Prince Tom Anuge (JP)                                 2005 – 2007
  8. Engr. Sa’ad Maliki                                         2009 – 2011
  9. Alh. Adamu Ahmed Abdulkadir                 2013 – 2016
  10. Alhaji Abubakar Dantata                             2017 – 2020




  1. Alhaji (Chief) Y.A.B. Olatunji –         Chairman
  2. Mr. G.K. Omamuli –                          Member
  3. Alhaji S.A. Ayantunji –                       Member
  4. Alhaji Amadu Malle –                        Member
  5. Mr. Emeka Ogwuru –                       Member
  6. Mrs. Joyce Coker –                            Member
  7. Dr. Umary G. Benna –                      Member
  8. Engr. M.E. Essien –                            Member
  9. Mallam Kadir Mamman –                Member
  10. Alhaji Aliko Mohammed –                Member
  11. Engr. S.O. Ajose –                              Member
  12. Chief G.M. Nkwoagwu-                     Member
  13. Engr. M.O. Anyiam (Rector) –           Member


(JANUARY 1983 – DECEMBER, 1983)

  1. Alhaji Sani Zagon Daura –                                   Chairman
  2. Chief G.M. Nkwuagu –                                          Member
  3. Engr. S.O. Ajose –                                                  Member
  4. Alhaji S.A. Ayantunji –                                          Member
  5. Alhaji G.K. Amadu Malle –                                   Member
  6. Chief G.K. Omamuli –                                           Member
  7. Alhaji A.K. Alkali –                                                 Member
  8. Miss V.I. Coker –                                                   Member
  9. Engr. M.E. Essien (Acting Rector) –                    Member
  10. Alhaji A.K. Mamman –                                         Member
  11. Alhaji Aliko Mohammed –                                   Member
  12. Dr. U.G. Benna –                                                   Member


(OCTOBER, 1984 – NOVEMBER 1985)

  1. Prof. B. Bajoga –                                                     Chairman
  2. Chief (Mrs) Stella O. Odesanya (MFR) –              Member
  3. Engr. Madu Kagu –                                                 Member
  4. Prof. A. Nwachukwu –                                            Member
  5. Chief J.O. Mejabi (OON) –                                      Member
  6. Chief Enegide Nwaiku –                                         Member
  7. Dr. Musa Sulaiman –                                              Member
  8. Mr. Joab Kalla –                                                       Member
  9. Mr. A.A. Adenubi –                                                  Member
  10. Alhaji B. Abdullahi –                                               Member
  11. Alhaji Y.O. Odutola –                                              Member
  12. Alhaji Yerima Giade –                                             Member
  13. Mr. Moshood A. Raji –                                           Member
  14. Engr. A. Umar –                                                       Member
  15. Engr. Aminu Aliyu (Rector)-                                   Member


(SEPTEMBER 1986 – JULY 1989)

  1. Prof. J.O. Ezeilo CON FAS –                                  Chairman
  2. Dr. Hamman Tukur Sa’ad –                                 Member
  3. Chief (Mrs) Stella O. Odesanya (MFR) –             Member
  4. Alhaji Y.A. Odutola –                                             Member
  5. Mr. A.A. Adenubi –                                                Member
  6. Engr. Zubairu Yakubu –                                        Member
  7. Alhaji Aliyu Maisango –                                         Member
  8. Engr. Aminu Aliyu (Rector) –                                Member
  9. Mr. Moshood Raji –                                                Member
  10. Mr. F.C.N. Ekweozor (June 1985 – Jan. 1988-     Member
  11. Mr. Joab Kalla –                                                       Member
  12. Dr. Musa Sulaiman –                                              Member
  13. Alhaji Baba Gana (Chiroman Fika) –                    Member
  14. Chief J.O. Mejabi (OON) –                                      Member
  15. Chief Enejide Nwaiku –                                          Member
  16. Mr. E. O. Azulike –                                                  Member
  17. M. J.H. Hon (Feb. 1988 – July 1989) –                   Member


(AUGUST, 1989 – AUGUST, 1993)

  1.  Alhaji R.A. Folami–                                                 Chairman
  2. Mr. S.N. Nmodu–                                                    Member
  3. Dr. F.A. Ndubisi –                                                    Member
  4.  Prof. H.T. Sa’ad–                                                     Member
  5. Engr. Zubairu Yakubu–                                          Member
  6. Alhaji (Chief) Babs Animashaun–                         Member
  7. Chief (Dr) Orji Ozor Kalu–                                     Member
  8. Alhaji Aliyu Mai Sango–                                         Member
  9. Mr. V.A.O.B. Da Costa–                                         Member
  10. Alhaji K.O. Ipaye–                                                   Member
  11. Mr. R.A. Elakhe–                                                     Member
  12. Chief S.C.O. Odumah–                                          Member
  13. Alhaji Aminu Z. Rafindadi –                                   Member
  14.  Engr. (Dr.) M.L. Audu (Rector) –                           Member


(1999 TO 2003)

  1. Hon. (Chief) M.O. Omeh –                      Chairman
  2. Barr. Suemo-Chia –                                  Member
  3. Col. A.a. Yero –                                          Member
  4. Alhaji M.A. Mayalo –                               Member
  5. Alhaji U.Y. Mada –                                   Member
  6. Mr. J.A. Alerege –                                    Member
  7. Mr. J.A. Owolabi –                                   Member
  8. Mrs. A.Y. Tahir –                                      Member
  9. Mrs. H.A. Tukur –                                    Member
  10. Hon. M.O. Essien –                                   Member
  11. Surv. Ibrahim S. Jahun (Rector) –         Member
  12. Alhaji L. Ibrahim (Registrar) –                Secretary


(2005 TO 2009)

  1. Prince Tom Anuge (JP)                       Chairman
  2. Mrs. Joy Okechuku                               Member
  3. Elder O. E. Ogban                                  Member
  4. Alh. (Hon.) M. Mapindi                      Member
  5. Lady (Chief) Comfort Agwu              Member
  6. Alh. Ahmed Tahir                                Member
  7. Engr. Umar Muh’d Goni                     Member
  8. Alh. Umar Aliyu                                    Member
  9. Engr. (Dr) A. G. Alkali                         Member
  10. Surv. I. S. Jahun                                   Member
  11. Engr. J. D. Konni                                   Member
  12. Alh. L. Ibrahim                                     Secretary


(2009 TO 2012)


  1. Engr. Sa’adu Maliki                          Chairman
  2. Mrs. A. M. Oyerinde                         Member
  3. Arc. Waziri Bulama                           Member
  4. Mr. Vincent O. Dike                          Member
  5. Alh. Idris Abubakar                           Member
  6. Hon. Edu Lawrence E.                      Member
  7. Higgins Peters                                    Member
  8. Hajiya Aisha Y. Tahir                        Member
  9. Mal. S. C. Muhammad                      Member
  10. Alh. Sanusi Aliyu Umar                    Member
  11. Alh. Mahmod A. Mahmod               Member
  12. Engr. Dr. S. M. Musa                        Member
  13. Alh. L. Ibrahim                                  Secretatry


(2013 TO 2016)


  1. Alh. Adamu Ahmed Abdulkadir                       Chairman
  2. Alh. Muhammad Maccido                                 Member
  3. Alh. Babangida Shehu Maihula                        Member
  4. Alh. Adamu T. Usman                                        Member
  5. Barr. Godwin N. Okereke                                  Member
  6. Barr. Garba Tumaka                                          Member
  7. Alh. Muhammed Tukur Giwa                          Member
  8. Alh. Sulaiman Sa’adu Gwarzo                          Member
  9. Mr. G. O. Amodupe                                            Member
  10. Mrs. H. T. Irorakpor                                         Member
  11. Engr. Dr. S. M. Musa (Rector)                        Member
  12. Haj. Rakiya U. Maleka (Registrar)                 Secretary


(2017 TO 2020)


  1. Alh. Abubakar Dantata                                  Chairman
  2. Alh. Ibrahim Ashu Abubakar                         Member
  3. Alh. Yusuf Mamman Bature                          Member
  4. Barr. Prof. Bagoni Alhaji Bukar                     Member
  5. Dr. Peter A. Oti                                              Member
  6.  Mr. Jonathan Onigbinde                                 Member
  7. Alhaji Sani Usman                                          Member
  8. Hussaini H. Muhammad                                 Member
  9. Dr. Kareem A. Lateef                                     Member
  10. Haj. Safiya Yusuf                                           Member
  11. Arc. Sanusi Waziri Gumau     (Rector)          Member
  12. Haj. Rakiya U. Maleka (Registrar)                 Secretary



The Academic Board is composed of:

  1. Rector –                                                                 Chairman
  2. Deputy Rector –                                                    Member
  3. Polytechnic Librarian –                                       Member
  4. All Heads of Departments –                               Members
  5. Not more than two members of the Academic staff, elected by the Academic Staff.
  6. All Chief Lectures
  7. All Academic Directors
  8. Registrar –                                                             Secretary

Specific Functions of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for:

  1. The direction and management of academic matters of the Polytechnic including the regulation of admission of students, the award of certificates and diplomas, scholarship, prizes and other academic decisions.
  2. Making available to the Council of such periodic reports on such academic matters as the Academic Board may think fit or as the Council may, from time to time direct.
  3. The discharge of any other functions which the council may delegate to it.

Statutory Committees

The Polytechnic has the following statutory and Standing Committees:

1. Finance and General Purpose Committees.  It has the following powers:

i) Approval of the Polytechnic annual estimates.

ii) Approval of the Polytechnic working budget

iii) Consideration and award of contracts of works or supplies.

iv) Any matters relating to the finances of the Polytechnic

2. Appointments and Promotions Committee (Senior Staff):  The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Governing Council on the Appointment, Promotion, Confirmation, Transfer of Service, Discipline and Development of all categories of senior staff.

3.    Appointments and Promotions Committee (Junior Staff):This Committee makes recommendations to the Rector on appointment, confirmation, promotion, transfer of service and discipline of the junior staff.

4.   Committee on Students Affairs:  This Committee has the principal objective of considering any matter which related to the general welfare of the students of the Institution.


The administrative Division of the Polytechnic is made up of:

  1. Rector’s office or Rectory
  2. Registry
  3. Bursary
  4. Physical Planning Unit
  5. Works and Services
  6. Medical Centre


The Rector’s Office is one of the major non-academic departments of the Institution.  It is headed by the Rector who is also the Chief Executive of the Polytechnic. The following were Rectors/Acting Rectors of the Polytechnic at various times.

  1. Engr. M.O. Anyiam 1979 – 1982
  2. Engr. M.E. Essien (Acting) 1982 – 1983
  3. Mr. A.W. Omotowa (Acting) 1983
  4. Engr. Aminu Aliyu 1983 – 1991
  5. Late Chief J.S. Bamgbose (Acting) 1991 – 1992
  6. Dr. Musa L. Audu 1992 – 2000
  7. Surv. Ibrahim S. Jahun 2000 – 2009
  8. Engr. Dr. E.E. Ndububa (Acting) 2009 – 2010
  9. Engr. Dr. Shuaibu M. Musa 2010 – 2017
  10. Arc. Sanusi Waziri Gumau 2018 – Date

The Department consists of operational units that are headed by unit heads.  The operational units include:-

  1. Main Rector’s Office
  2. Deputy Rector’s Office
  3. Academic Planning Unit
  4. Physical Planning Unit
  5. Security Unit
  6. Internal Audit Unit
  7. Public Relations, Information & Protocol Unit
  8. ICT/MIS Unit
  9. SIWES Unit
  10. SERVICOM Unit
  11. Procurement Unit
  12. Intellectual Property Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO)
  13. Entrepreneurial Development Centre
  14. Consultancy Services Unit
  15. Directorate of University Affiliation and Linkages
  16. Research and Development


  1. Dr. A.M. Alugbo – 1980 – 1981
  2. Engr. M.E. Essien – 1981 – 1982
  3. Mr. A.W. Omotowa – 1982 – 1985
  4. Late Mr. E.M.O. Alaiyemola – 1985 – 1988
  5. Dr. C.E. Njeze – 1988 – 1990
  6. Late Mr. J.S. Bamgbose – 1990 – 1992
  7. Mr. T.A. Oke – 1992 – 1997
  8. Surv. I.S. Jahun – 1997 – 1999
  9. Engr. C.E. Eteng – 1999 – 2003
  10. Dr. Emmanuel E. Ndububa 2004 – 2009
  11. Dr. Japhet D. Konni 2010 – 2014
  12. Arc. Sunusi Waziri Gumau – 2014 – 2017
  13. Alhaji Sani Usman – 2018 – Date


The Registry Department is the administrative arm of the Polytechnic and is divided into:

  1. Central Administration (Registrar’s Office),

a) Sanitation

b) Staff Development

2. Academic Division

3. Establishments Division

4. Students Affairs Division

a) Guidance and Counselling

b) Sports

Legal Unit. 

The mission of the Registry is to ensure academic excellence through effective advise on formulation and execution of Policies and provision of other support services.

From the inception of the Polytechnic, the Registry was headed by the following:

  1. Mr. Duro Orisanaiye (Acting) 1979 – 1981
  2. Alhaji Y.M. Baba 1981 – 1985
  3. Mr. Duro Orisanaiye (Acting) 1985 – 1986
  4. Alhaji Ibrahim Ashu Abubakar 1986 – 1993
  5. Mr. D.S.I. Nwachukwu (Acting) 1993 – 1999
  6. Late Mr. Yila M. Maikano 1999 – 2003
  7. Mal. L. Ibrahim 2003 – 2013
  8. Haj. Rakiya U. Maleka 2013 – Date


The Bursary Department is headed by the Bursar.  This Department became autonomous and therefore self-accounting in April, 1980 and is responsible for the management and control of the finances of the Polytechnic.  It performs its function through the various sections (units) under it.

The following headed the department at various times:

  1. Mr. Nebo Ozo-Nevo (Acting) 1979-1982
  2. Mr. Lateef Aboyomi Asuni 1982
  3. Mal. H.M. Kafarati (Acting) 1984-1985
  4. Mal. J.T. Yakubu (Acting) 1985-1987
  5. Mal. Jimoh A. Ibrahim (Acting) 1987-1988
  6. Alh. Ali Ahmadu 1988-1998
  7. Mal. Ahmed Mai Goloma 1999-2009
  8. Alh. Yahaya Ado 2009 to 2019
  9. Alh. Idris Damare 2019 to date

The Annual External Auditor’s Report on our activities is a testimony of the Departments capability and effectiveness.

The Bursary Department has the following units:

  1. Main Bursar’s Office
  2. Final Accounts Unit
  3. Cash Office (Treasury)
  4. Salary and Wages
  5. Loans and Advances
  6. Stores (Inventory Control)
  7. Expenditure Control and Budgeting
  8. Students Account
  9. Insurance/Pension Matters.
  10. Bank Reconciliation


The Medical Centre was established at the inception of the Polytechnic in 1979. It started with Senior Nursing Sister in-charge, one clinic attendant and one dispenser. Presently the Medical Centre has two Doctors, nine Nursing Officers, six Clinic Assistants, two Community Health Technicians, one Pharmacy, one Laboratory Technologist, one Higher Executive Officer, one Secretary and two Card Issuers. The Department is divided into the Central Administration (Head of Medical Office), Nursing Division, Antenatal and Family Planning Division, Pharmacy Division and Laboratory Division.


Purpose: The purpose of the Medical Centre is to provide quality health care services to the students, staff and their dependants.


Services Available: The services available include routine consultation of Patients, Dispensing of drugs to patients, Treatment of minor ailments and wounds, Health Education, Counselling Services, Admission and in-patient care, Antenatal Care and Delivery Services, Immunization against childhood diseases, arrange for the immunization of the community against deadly diseases from time to time, routine medical examination of fresh students, inspection of students hostel, staff quarters and school premises in order to ensure environmental sanitation.

The Medical Centre operates 24-hour service throughout the weekdays.  A Doctor is always on call after the Clinic hours to attend to emergencies.  While experienced staff nurses work three shifts each day to keep the centre open round the clock.  The ante-natal clinic takes care of pregnant wives of staff and pregnant married students.

The followings have served as head of the department.

  1. Mrs. L.P. Anye Abere – 1979-1980
  2. Mrs. C.A. Udje – 1980-1982
  3. Dr. Rogers K. Asani – 1982-1990
  4. Dr. M. Ajibola – 1990-1991
  5. Dr. F. Nweke – 1991-1994
  6. Dr. M.O. Diaro – 1994
  7. Dr. D.B. Idi – 1994 to date


The Works Department came into being in 1979 under Engr. M.A. Okpara, principally as a servicing unit to all the departments of the institution.

The principal objectives of the department can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Formulation of Strategies for the physical development of the institution.
  2. Design and execution of all physical development projects
  3. Provision of infrastructural facilities for the smooth running of the institution such as portable water, electricity, roads, drainage, refuse and sewage disposal, communication facilities etc.
  4. Maintenance of facilities to ensure their optimum utilization.

Initially, these functions were carried out under one office.  With the rapid development of the Polytechnic over the years, the department was split into two units – Project Office and the Maintenance Office.

The Department and the Project Office are headed by the Director of Works while the Maintenance section is headed by a Chief Technical Officer (Civil Engineering).  The former is staffed by Architects, Civil and Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyor and other support staff.  The latter is manned by technicians and artisans in numerous construction fields and trades such as carpentry, masonry, welding and fabrication, plumbing, electrical etc.  With staff strength of about one hundred staff, the department is poised to address the rising challenges of running our ever-expanding institution within the limited resources.

Over the years the department had made immense contributions in physical development and routine maintenance of institution.  Major achievements recorded include:

  1. Updating the Master Plan of the institution.
  2. Redevelopment of the core-academic area buildings from inception to completion to upgrade substandard buildings.
  3. Supervision of construction of Academic Staff Office Block, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments.
  4. Design and supervision of construction of Central Library Complex
  5. Design and supervision of various projects under the Education Tax Fund Scheme from 1999 to date.
  6. Supervision of the construction of School of Business Studies Complex.
  7. Numerous furnishing works
  8. Numerous rehabilitation/renovation works
  9. Procurement and installation of equipments and machineries.

With the provision of furnished and equipped offices and workshops which are not inadequate, continuous training and retraining of our manpower, improved funding and cooperation of the other units of the institution the department is ever ready to offer high quality service delivery.

The names of past heads of department are as follows:-

  1. Engr. M.A. Okpara – 1979 – 1982
  2. Engr. Shehu Ahmed – 1982 – 1992
  3. Arch. Adamu Mohammed – 1992 –  2010
  4. Engr. Muhammad Rabiu Muhammad – 2010 – 2020
  5. Engr. Wada Garba – 2020 – Date

The principal objective of the Department can be enumerated as follows:-

  1. Formulation of strategies for the general maintenance of facilities of the institution.
  2. Repair of Air-Conditions and other equipment
  3. Upkeep of roads
  4. Water line Maintenance
  5. General Electricity Maintenance
  6. Repair of roofs and other building related problems
  7. Maintenance of Vehicles
  8. General Welding Work

The Works Department can be said to be the conduit through which both academic and non academic successes have been achieved in the institution.


The Physical Planning Unit was formed in October 2010 from the defunct Works and Services Department which was headed by Architect Adamu Mohammed (MNIA).

The principal objectives of the unit can be enumerated as follows:

  1. Formulation of strategies for the physical development of the institution.
  2. Design and execution of all physical development projects.

The Unit is staffed by the Director of Physical Planning Unit as the head, Architects, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and other support staff.  With the staff strength of ten staff the Unit is poised to address the rising challenges of physical development of our ever expanding institution within the limited resources.

Since its creation, the Unit has recorded numerous achievements which include:

  1. Supervision of the construction of Central Administrative Block
  2. Completion of School of Environmental Technology Office Block
  3. Renovation of Houses No. C11 and B5
  4. Construction of I.D. Card Office
  5. Construction Classroom Block at Food Science and Technology

In spite of these achievements, the Unit is facing other problems such as lack of training and retraining of its manpower in various professional fields, lack of project vehicle for effective supervision and inadequate manpower to cope with the ever-increasing challenges.


Polytechnic Staff School

In line with its commitment to the needs and aspirations of the community

Within which it is situated, two campuses of the Polytechnic staff school were established.  The first one opened since October 1979 is located right in the heart of Bauchi metropolis and provides high quality primary education mostly to children of members of the public who live and work in Bauchi town.  The second campus of the school is located within the Polytechnic permanent site and caters primarily for children of staff and those outsiders who can provide transport for their wards to and from school or live near enough to the permanent site.  On the whole over 70% of the total enrolment in the school has grown to achieve a high standard in academic excellence and discipline that has placed it among the leading primary schools in Bauchi State and Nigeria as a whole.


The Institution has in 2010 established the Polytechnic Staff Secondary School in the Main Campus.  The Secondary School has two Section,  the Junior and Senior Section which has all the required needed facilities of teaching Science and Social Science Subjects.

Employment Opportunities

The establishment of the Polytechnic has helped in no small measure in providing employment opportunities particularly at the junior levels for indigenes of Bauchi and Gombe States particularly and Nigerias in general.  It is equally interesting to note that the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is one of the most cosmopolitan in term of staffing.  This is because the population of our senior staff is drawn from the length and breath of the country in almost equal proportions.

From 1979 to date, the percentage of junior staff of the Polytechnic who are of Bauchi origin has grown from a mere 2% to well over 80%.  This is in keeping with the Federal Government directives which requires its parastatals and agencies to ensure that the bulk of their junior staff (level 01-06) came from the localities where such institutions are established.


Academic Administrative

  1. Mr. Duro Orisanaiye 1 Engr. M.O. Anyiam
  2. Mr. A. Onyechere 2 Mr. P.P. Ozimi – Late
  3. Mr. A. Ozurumba 3. Mr. M.O.A. Eromosele
  4. Mr. B. Nwannunu 4. Mr. P. Anye
  5. Mal. Amodu Y. 5. Mr. E. Onwukeme
  6. Mr. S.C. Mba 6. Mr. A.O. Nikoro
  7. Mr. P.S. Ekpe 7. Mr. E.M.O. Alaiyemola – Late
  8. Mr. M. Okpara 8. Mr. P.S. Nwadike
  9. Mr. M.S. Anyanwu 9. Mr. M. Nwaekpe
  10. Mal. M.S. Umar 10. Mr. A.W. Omotowa
  11. Mrs. D.P. Anye 11. Mr. J.F. Tehinse
  12. Mrs. M.I. Adetunji 12. Mr. A.O. Andirya
  13. Mr. C.R. Okpo 13. Mr. S.C.O. Abah
  14. Mr. C.N. Chukwujekwu 14. Mr. L.S. Nwokore
  15. Mr. C.O. Nebo 15. Mr. A. Chandry
  16. Mr. N.O. Meribe 16. Mr. D.G. Sangal
  17. Mr. E. Nnabugwu 17. Mr. C.N. Molokwu
  18. Mr. I. Geffrier 18. Mr. I.N. Udueze
  19. Mrs C.A. Udje 19. Mr. C.I. Okoye
  20. Mr C.S. Ozioko 20. Mr. C.A. Ogualaji
  21. Mr. C.D. Ajibo 21. Mr. J.F. Lemen
  22. Mr. A. Nwachukwu
  23. Mr. V.V. Ihakur
  24. Mr. E.I. Egbokhan
  25. Mr. N.S. Odonmbon
  26. Mrs. T.A. Bagari
  27. Mr. E.A. Ezeh
  28. Mr. M.O. Mba
  29. Mr. H.E. Nwakanma
  30. Mr. F.C. Ekweozor
  31. Mr. J.S. Dada


The Academic work of the Polytechnic is organised on the School system.  Altogether there are twenty-three (33) academic departments which run Certificate courses, Diploma, National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes that are administered under the six (6) schools.

The Schools are:-

  1. School of Agricultural Technology
  2. School of Business Studies
  3. School of Engineering Technology
  4. School of Environmental Technology
  5. School of General Studies
  6. School of Science and Technology


The Governing Council has statutory power by law and bears the ultimate responsibility for the progress and development of the institution.  The Council makes major policy decisions and evolves all the necessary criteria with specific emphasis on the planning and the development of physical facilities and assets.

The first Governing Council for the Polytechnic was constituted in February, 1981 with Alhaji Y.A.B Olatunji as the Chairman.

1 Alh. Chief Y. A. Bo. Olatunji 1981 – 1982
2 Alh. Sani Zagon Daura 1983 – 1983
3 Prof. Buba M. Bajoga 1984 – 1985
4 Prof. J. O. C. Ezeilo CON 1986 – 1989
5 Alh. Rasheed A. Folami MFR 1989 – 1993
6 Hon. Chief mathias O. Omeh 2000 – 2003
7 Prince Tom Anuge (JP) 2005 – 2007
8 Engr. Sa’ad Maliki 2009 – 2011 2009 – 2011
9 Alh. Adamu Ahmed Abdulkadir 2013 – 2016 2013 – 2016
10 Alhaji Abubakar Dantata 2017 – 2020 2017 – 2020
1 Alhaji (Chief) Y.A.B. Olatunji Chairman
2 Mr. G.K. Omamuli Member
3 Alhaji S.A. Ayantunji Member
4 Alhaji Amadu Malle Member
5 Mr. Emeka Ogwuru Member
6 Mrs. Joyce Coker Member
7 Dr. Umary G. Benna Member
8 Engr. M.E. Essien Member
9 Mallam Kadir Mamman Member
10 Alhaji Aliko Mohammed Member
11 Engr. S.O. Ajose Member
12 Chief G.M. Nkwoagwu Member
13 Engr. M.O. Anyiam (Rector) Member

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(JANUARY 1983 – DECEMBER, 1983)
1 Alhaji Sani Zagon Daura Chairman
2 Chief G.M. Nkwuagu Member
3 Engr. S.O. Ajose Member
4 Alhaji S.A. Ayantunji Member
5 Alhaji G.K. Amadu Malle Member
6 Chief G.K. Omamuli Member
7 Alhaji A.K. Alkali Member
8 Miss V.I. Coker Member
9 Engr. M.E. Essien (Acting Rector) Member
10 Alhaji A.K. Mamman Member
11 Alhaji Aliko Mohammed Member
12 Dr. U.G. Benna Member
(OCTOBER, 1984 – NOVEMBER 1985)
1 Prof. B. Bajoga Chairman
2 Chief (Mrs) Stella O. Odesanya (MFR) Member
3 Engr. Madu Kagu Member
4 Prof. A. Nwachukwu Member
5 Chief J.O. Mejabi (OON) Member
6 Chief Enegide Nwaiku Member
7 Dr. Musa Sulaiman Member
8 Mr. Joab Kalla Member
9 Mr. A.A. Adenubi Member
10 Alhaji B. Abdullah Member
11 Alhaji Y.O. Odutola Member
12 Alhaji Yerima Giade Member
13 Mr. Moshood A. Raji Member
14 Engr. A. Umar Member
15 Engr. Aminu Aliyu (Rector) Member