The Bursary Department is headed by the Bursar.  This Department became autonomous and therefore self-accounting in April, 1980 and is responsible for the management and control of the finances of the Polytechnic.  It performs its function through the various sections (units) under it.

The following headed the department at various times:

  1. Mr. Nebo Ozo-Nevo (Acting) 1979-1982
  2. Mr. Lateef Aboyomi Asuni 1982
  3. Mal. H.M. Kafarati (Acting) 1984-1985
  4. Mal. J.T. Yakubu (Acting) 1985-1987
  5. Mal. Jimoh A. Ibrahim (Acting) 1987-1988
  6. Alh. Ali Ahmadu 1988-1998
  7. Mal. Ahmed Mai Goloma 1999-2009
  8. Alh. Yahaya Ado 2009 to 2019
  9. Alh. Idris Damare 2019 to date

The Annual External Auditor’s Report on our activities is a testimony of the Department’s capability and effectiveness.

The Bursary Department has the following units:

  1. Main Bursar’s Office
  2. Final Accounts Unit
  3. Cash Office (Treasury)
  4. Salary and Wages
  5. Loans and Advances
  6. Stores (Inventory Control)
  7. Expenditure Control and Budgeting
  8. Students Account
  9. Insurance/Pension Matters.
  10. Bank Reconciliation